Quality Assurance and Quality Control Departments are of paramount importance for ICE. As a demonstration of its commitment to Quality and Safety of its products ICE has 25% of its staff dedicated to this sector of the company. The Quality Control Laboratory is equipped with modern instrumentation: HPLC, GLC, polarimeter, spectrophotometer UV and IR. Quality Assurance and Quality Control units guarantee a complete compliance with c-GMP.

Authorisation for sales of pharmaceutical products has been obtained by presenting the Drug Master Files to the Italian Ministry of Health. These products conform to the specifications established by the most important Pharmacopoeias and to various customer requirements. For the activity of R&D department , ICE also gets the professional advises of University Institutes of Ferrara, which had been started years ago by means of co-operations contracts. This co-operation allowed ICE to obtain various patents for products and synthesis processes.

ICE's finishing area