ICE Vaccination HUB - Manifesto

03 Jun 2021

ICE Group - Vaccination Hub in Basaluzzo, Italy.

We’re glad to announce that starting from the 3rd of June 2021, in line with our commitment to sustain our territory, in particular during the fight against COVID-19, ICE has officially opened its own Vaccination HUB.

Our Hub is located in Basaluzzo, near Alessandria, in a fully equipped premises that was previously unused by local administration, and that has been entirely restructured and upgraded by ICE to host its Vaccination Campaign. Through this project ICE is going to support the Regional and National Vaccination Plan by granting constant supply of vaccine for its own employees as well as for other companies that requested access to the Hub. It’s assessed that our Hub is going to administer up to almost 200 doses per day.

This project, realized in a short amount of time, is the first Vaccination Hub developed by a Private Company in collaboration with the Public Authority in the province of Alessandria, and one of the few in the whole Region. Our Hub has been defined, by local Representative, as a huge help and a leverage to ease the return to business as usually intended.

We’re sure that this initiative is going to benefit the surrounding area as well, supporting local hospitals in immunizing the large part of population that still haven’t had access to the vaccine.