13 Apr 2021

World Water Day - 22 March 2021

Water is the most precious and essential good for life, that’s why it should be preserved avoiding any kind of waste. ICE Group has committed itself to enhance the sustainability of its production process, and thus has worked a lot on improving its internal water cycle management with the specific aim of minimizing any kind of water-related waste.

We believe in the concept of “Circular Economy” and we are committed to change towards a “Circular” approach to our business, as it represents a systemic shift that builds long-term resilience, generates business and economic opportunities, and provides environmental and societal benefits.

Our plant in Basaluzzo, just like many other production plants, requires water to attend all the chemical and mechanical processes; in particular, water is used as:

  • Raw material for the different production processes;
  • Support for cooling down, heating up and cleaning up processes;
  • Support for human needs (canteen, bathrooms, heating etc…).


We primarily draw water from:

  • Four proprietary wells, out of which 1 contains actually potable water;
  • The local acqueduct;
  • The water treatment plant in Novi Ligure, from which we draw purified water for industrial use.


Since 2016, our Plant in Novi Ligure has reduced its water needs by 30%. This incredible achievement was possible thanks to many technical upgrades to our production lines, that allows to retrieve internal water flows and re-use it.

Among these, as an example, we could mention the revamping process of our cooling towers, which allows us, leveraging on the natural principle of forced water evaporation, to maintain a closed cooling down cycle. Furthermore, we installed a system that retrieves steam condensate generated by the production process in order to be re-used as supply for the thermal power station. As a complimentary activity for circular economy, for activities that don’t interfere with the quality output, our plant in Basaluzzo chose to use biologically treated Water, delivered by a local supplier, as “technological process water”. This choice permits to give to the treated waste water a new cycle of life.

Lastly, in 2018 ICE has asked and obtained by regional parties the permit to make one of his four wells potable, in order to reduce its needs and impact on local potable water reserve.

In 2021, we’re committed to build an internal wastewater treatment plant that is going to lower our water consumption volumes even further.

ICE Group, as a whole, is committed to find new improvement path in order to pursue this goal shared by each of us, and to play an active role in reducing environmental footprint of our operations.