ICE Group, as part of the Industry sector, plays an important and active role in the community climate changes aims. Indeed, the activities carried out by the Companies must refer to advanced environmental protection criteria and company strategies must take into consideration the development of processes characterized by an even greater attention to environmental safety.
ICE promotes investments in the greenhouse gas emissions, several sites saved energy consumption through process optimization, such as reuse and recycling…
ICE is committed to continuously reducing energy consumption through advanced technology and improvements in production process and optimization.
Water is of fundamental importance in chemical production. It is used as a coolant, solvent and cleaning agent, as well as to produce chemicals.
Group energy policy
ICE considers a strategic corporate objective to reach a continuous improvement of energy efficiency by reducing the energy consumption of its plants and reducing the result environmental impacts. For this purpose, the company therefore undertakes to apply and maintain an Energy Management System (EMS) compliant with UNI CEI EN ISO 50001/2011 standards.
Product stewardship policy
Product Stewardship is part of ICE’s ethical and sustainable business culture and includes all activities aimed at minimizing the impacts on health, safety and environment, as well as the social impacts of the product. Our responsibility, along all stages of the product life cycle, is faced with the pursuit of the right balance between prosperity economic, environmental protection, public health and social needs.